List of Offers and Facilities in Sikkim-Darjeeling Tour Packages

List of Offers and Facilities in Sikkim-Darjeeling Tour Packages


There is no substitute for hill stations when you are planning to spend some days to stay relax from anxieties and stress. Sikkim and Darjeeling are known for their mesmerizing scenic beauty and mind-blowing locales. Both the destinations receive a huge number of tourists and offer refreshing views and unforgettable memories for the lifetime. Tour packages will help a tourist to deal with their trip by availing facilities and offer. Travo Connections is a travel agency that believes traveling is not only about dealing with the luxury but it means a lot more than that.

Traveling is something that is needed to make life smooth and motivating with the motive of exploring new places, knowing new people and understanding new cultures along with the chance of witnessing breathtaking views. Experiencing a vacation can be more exciting by choosing a travel agency that provides you with facilities in a definite budget. Here, we will discuss those facilities and offers provided molded-in Sikkim Darjeeling tour packages to make the tour successful and a bit enjoyable.

Facilities and offers in Sikkim-Darjeeling Tour Packages

Sightseeing Experiences

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You plan your tour to discover those places that are meant to be special for you for many reasons. Travo Connections understand your desires by taking you close to those destinations with a licensed tour guide who will provide all the valid information about the destinations and their importance in making the tour more satisfactory. If Darjeeling offers you amazing sunrise in Tiger Hill then Sikkim is known for those snow-capped mountains in Tsomgo Lake. Places might vary but the quality of service remains the same to make you feel comfortable and happy with the chosen tour package. 

Better Accommodation

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Traveling can’t be possible without proper accommodation as you need to be mentally sound in dealing with this and that of traveling. Sikkim Darjeeling Tour Packages offered by Travo Connections make this easier for you by providing quality accommodation according to your choice of preferences. Some people like to stay in homestays whereas some like to prefer luxury suites to meet their desires at a higher level. Travel agencies maintain good relation with hoteliers and homestay owners which help them to fix the deal more economically in terms of offering you quality accommodation at an affordable price. 

Comfortable Transportation

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To reach your destination you desperately need transportation but the means of transportation is linked with the outcome of your traveling experience. Just imagine your tour towards Darjeeling by standing on a crowded bus. It doesn't matter how passionate you are about traveling and exploring places but at the end of the journey, you will become tired and restless. Travo Connections provide car rental services to give you a better experience of traveling into the hill station. Well-maintained cars with different models are available for you to make your trip more convenient and comfortable. There are so many benefits of taking a car on rent and you can enjoy your travel by availing such facilities. The agency will also help in booking flight tickets so that you can stay away from stress and worries.


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Travo connections offer delicacies that are delicious means in terms of providing you hotels that are known for their meals. Food will always make a difference in your travel plan and when you start loving the food you will get more connected with the place. Both Sikkim and Darjeeling give you the chance of tasting some of the mouth-watering foods like Sel roti, pork curry, Tibetan Thukpa, Gundruk, Dal Bhaat, Momo, and many more. The multi-cuisine restaurant inside the hotel gives you the privilege of getting the food on time and you can also make a special choice to satisfy your appetite. Normally the package cost includes all these facilities mentioned-above so that you can concentrate on your tour rather than finding options to deal with it. 

Some budget-friendly Sikkim-Darjeeling tour packages offered by Travo Connections


  • 04 Nights and 05 Days - Welcome to Sikkim Tour Package

  • 02 Nights and 03 Days - Family Tour to Gangtok

  • 03 Nights and 04 Days - Enchanting Darjeeling Tour

  • 04 Nights and 05 Days - Romantic Honeymoon in Sikkim

  • 05 Nights and 06 Days - Gangtok and Darjeeling Family Tour

  • 05 Nights and 06 Days - Adventurous Sikkim Tour

  • 02 Nights and 03 Days - Beautiful Darjeeling Tour

  • 03 Nights and 04 Days - Scenic Gangtok Tour

  • 04 Nights and 05 Days - Affordable Sikkim Family Tour

This is your turn to avail Sikkim Darjeeling Tour Packages by availing the facilities that deal effectively with your needs and desires of traveling to those enchanting lands that completely justify your travel expectations at an affordable rate.  

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