Pros and Cons of Bhutan Tour Package

Pros and Cons of Bhutan Tour Package


If you are planning for visiting Bhutan in this vacation then prepare yourself for the fun and new possibilities. Bhutan is considered as the land of happy people where you will find happiness in every space. But even after studying and researching about the country in internet, it becomes difficult to manage our trip according to the need and desires. Managing a trip demands whole lot of things and welcome stress in the end. Experts suggest that choosing a tour package will solve the problems and gives you the freedom of exploring the destination in a complete manner.

If you are going through the confusion and still looking for another option to manage your trip then you must read these points that highlight the pros and cons of Bhutan tour package. Understanding the advantages and disadvantage will help you in taking a decision without getting distracted.

Pros of Bhutan Tour Package

Makes You Aware of the Unknown Facts

Before starting a trip it is important to learn many things about the destination. You might search Google and collect most of the common factors but actually a tour package will help you out by providing some of the valid factors that are not usually known to outsiders. For example you can take 200 pieces of cigarettes by paying 100% sales and custom tax.

From Eyes of Locals

To find the real beauty and pleasure, one needs to observe a place from the view point of a localite. A person who introduces you with a place must be known about the place from the roots. Tour packages provide you guide who are best in their field so that you can manage the time by exploring the mesmerizing parts of the place instead skipping the highlights.

No More Negotiation

Travelers find it disgusting to negotiate the price in different scenarios like hiring a horse to reach Tiger’s Nest Monastery or negotiating with the driver who dropped you in Punakha. Dealing with a tour package is something like staying relaxed all the time. Ask you tour operator that those additional charges are included in your package or not.

Visiting Some Place is Only Possible by Tour Packages

Yes, travel operators are knowledgeable and have good connection with the authorities and management which helps you to get permission for entering some places. For example you need to take approval to witness the mesmerizing Tsomgo Lake and Nathula Pass but when you manage your tour from you end, you might get the permission whereas tour package include everything by their own risk.

Find Some Interesting People

Traveling is all about redefining yourself, it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling with your loved one or making it all alone but somehow you need a group to pass some of the enjoyable moments or to share the happiness of exploring something new. Tour packages help you to meet others in the journey where you might make new friends to make the tour interesting.

Cons of Bhutan Tour Package

Wastage of Time

Not in all the cases but sometimes you feel bore when the guide start explaining you about the history of a Dzong or about a palace which have a connection with the history of Bhutan. All the time you can’t get inner satisfaction by visiting a tourist spot but you can’t help that’s a part of traveling.

Need to Compromise for Others

Tour packages include a group of people for sightseeing experiences where they provide an itinerary with the time table. You might be punctual and get ready before the time but in the end you have to wait for some lazy people and that’s very much irritating.  

You Can’t do Everything as You Wish

Tour packages give you so many options to explore in the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon but as because of other’s you might visit all the places as they mentioned in the itinerary. The fault is neither theirs’ nor yours but you have to accept the fact because of other travelers as they are in the majority.


Even when you like to swim in the Mo chhu River, you need to consult with the travel agent and he might not allow you in doing so because no one will wait for you in the group. Getting dependable is really the worst thing about organized tour.


You might comprise for others but when you feel sick, no one will compromise for you. There is no flexibility as because you can’t make a change in the itinerary and have to deal with this bitter fact. Tour package operator will come with the conclusion by saying “SORRY”.

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