Travelling Tips for Hill Station Holidays

Travelling Tips for Hill Station Holidays


According to studies, travelling to hills make you more connected to the effortless beauty of the nature. It develops a sense of appreciating spirit within you. In addition, it is the most beautiful escape from the scorching heat of the plains. We all love hills. India has countless magnificent hill stations. However, you are likely to start with the queen. Darjeeling, the “Queen of Hills” is the one of the most popular and scenic hill stations in India. Its beauty is ineffable. Coming to Darjeeling, you cannot return without visiting Sikkim. The adjacent and another most famous hill station and tourist attraction in India, Sikkim is a must-visit. Get the combined Sikkim Darjeeling tour packages from best tour operators and explore the best out of hills.

Now when you made up your mind for the hilly escapade, you need some tips to make your travelling easy.

Travelling Tips for the Hill Station Holidays

Although the Sikkim Darjeeling tour packages by your tour operators includes all the planning and necessities, there are some extra steps and steps that you need to take prior to your trip.

Make sure of the accommodation                                                                                   

The tour operators provide only the best hotel booking arrangements according to your convenience. However, you must crosscheck with the hotel and make sure of all the requirements.

Know about when is the right time to visit

Apart from escaping the heat, the hills are home to various activities at all times of the year. Starting from cultural festivals, music festivals, adventure activities to snow sightseeing, the hills witness tourists throughout the year.

The months from June to August are preferred if you have to plan a summer vacation. For snow-surrounded adventures, the months from October to December are the best. You can be a part of the serene lifestyle, musical and cultural fests at various different time of the year. Choose your travel time accordingly.

Research about your places of interest

Among the multiple sparkling destinations of Sikkim Darjeeling tour packages; there must be some eye-catching places that you would definitely not want to miss. Research well about the diverse attractions and get your best trip customized by travel agent.

Some luggage carrying tips for you

Did you already start packing? In that case, you must make a checklist before you proceed with your final packing. There are some must-carry stuffs while travelling to the hills. Here is your packing checklist

  • Enough warm clothes
  • Boots or shoes makes walking easier
  • Cash for outdoor emergencies
  • Other essentials like umbrella, personal toiletries, power banks

Always remember to pack light because you need space to buy some souvenirs from the heavenly destinations. Have a happy journey.

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