ANDAMAN – where beaches glow

It is an exquisite extension of India that floats by the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by aesthetic sea green shores. Andaman is an ideal chunk of land to visit if you want to spend your vacation on sun-washed beaches, away from the ho-hum of the civilization. Andaman is a strip of land fairly divided into three sections namely North, Middle & South Andaman. Port Blair is the only point of entry and exit from the island, which is situated in the south.

Dining on the delicacies freshly procured from the sea is a well-deserved luxury that is thoroughly enjoyed by the locals & tourists alike. Unlike the widely-harbored misconception, Andaman offers a lot once you’re here. Apart from participating in thrilling water sports like parasailing & water jet skiing, walking through the bioluminescent beaches of Andaman is highly popular. They also love bathing with the elephants & trekking through mini-rainforests hunting for the enormous coconut crabs.

The southern city of Port Blair deploys cargo & passenger ferries like MV Nicobar & MV Akbar to mainland Indian cities of Chennai, Vizag & Kolkata on a regular basis. But you can also opt to fly to Port Blair (Veer Savarkar International Airport) from cities like Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai.

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Culture of Andaman

The Andaman group of Islands are inhabited by the Onge, Andamanese, Sentinalese & the Jarawa tribes. The islands, which are a popular touring destination in the present, held a notorious reputation during the colonial period. The presence of the Cellular Jail testifies to the grim past. The culture of the Andaman is a severely ethnic one, with tribes who live separated from the modernity of the mainland globe. They thrive on subsistence farming, seafood & the most primitive of living techniques. But with the influx of tourists, the transition to modernity is in progress.

Culture of Andaman

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