MEGHALAYA – The Scotland of the East

Meghalaya , home to the looming "megh" or clouds, borders the state of Assam & the neighboring country of Bangladesh. The crystal waters of Brahmaputra snake through its fertile lands, creating endless creeks and scenic waterfalls on the way. A mountainous mecca in every aspect, this domain was referred as the Scotland of the East by the colonial residents due to the striking similarities both the regions share. Cloud-engulfed hilltops, mushy velvet valleys and the ever pleasing weather will make you want to settle in this laid back province for a long period of time.

The most striking feature of Meghalaya is the presence of living root-bridges in Cherrapunji, which is a dense network of intertwining vines that connect two landscapes more efficiently than man-man constructions. Meghalaya’s highest point, the Shillong Peak, is a sight to behold. Mingling with the Garo, Khasi & the Jaintia tribes during your stay will quench your cultural thirst and introduce you to lifestyles that maintain a stark contrast with urban living. Exploring the interconnected caves beneath the three famous hills is a must-try for adventure loving individuals.

The Umroi Airport ferries flights to Kolkata on a regular basis. The capital city of Shillong has a helipad that provides helicopter services from the Guwahati Airport. The nearest railhead to Meghalaya is in Guwahati again, nearly 104km away from the state capital. NH40 runs from Guwahati to Shillong, that sees regularly commuting public buses but you can always hire a car for better comfort.

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Culture of Meghalaya

Meghalaya separated from the state of Assam on 21st January 1972. The state is home to the indigenous tribes of the Garo, Khasi & Jaintia Hills who speak Khasi, Pnar, Hajong, Rabha, Garo & Biate. But the official state language is English. The tribes of Meghalaya are of the Tibetan-Burman origin. The cultural practice that shines out in the state of Meghalaya is the presence of a matrilineal system, especially among the Khasis. The people of Meghalaya are fond of dancing, with numbers performed in praise of Mother Nature. They are skilled silk & carpet weavers, and producers of cane products.

Culture of Meghalaya

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