BHUTAN – the last Shangri-La

Bhutan, the solely existing Buddhist kingdom, has been referred as the last Shangri-La. This is due to the fact that Bhutan has severely protected its culture from modernity & maintained its originality in the purest form. Bhutan is known as the land of the Thunder Dragon because its valleys frequently ring up with the loud thunder storms during monsoon outbursts. The entire kingdom is dotted with majestic fortresses and monasteries that have stood through the tests of time, housing religious relics that are relatively priceless.

Bhutan’s rich cultural treasure, its oriental architecture and that laid back appeal attract thousands of tourists year after year, who pour in to tread through the pristine grounds and breathe in the clean air. The land is covered in elaborate folklores and ethnic people. To top it all, Bhutan offers a spectacular view of the majestic snow capped peaks. Being a part of the religious festivals of Bhutan, and witnessing the elaborate mask dances are rumored to shower you with good luck and prosperity.

Bhutan is connected with the rest of the world through Paro International Airport. It runs flights Delhi, Kolkata & Kathmandu on a regular basis. The rugged terrain of Bhutan has no rail network but the nearest railhead is in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. The country though has an extensive chain of roads that link Bhutan to the Indian bordering city of Jaigaon that is effectively the entry point to Bhutan. Jaigaon is near Siliguri & can be reached best via rented cabs and vehicles.

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Culture of Bhutan

Bhutan has a culture that has been fiercely preserved by its inhabitants & the royalty alike. Modes of entertainment like motion pictures, newspapers & internet services weren’t introduced in the kingdom until the late 19th Century. Bhutan sits amidst pages and pages of folklores and myths that are alluring to the outer world. The people, mostly Buddhist, are simple people who are known for their plain honesty, and friendly demeanor. They are dedicated patrons of Guru Rinpoche and celebrate his birth day with extra pomp & show. Mask dances, performances by the stoic monks, folk songs hummed in unison. Witnessing them in these religious gathering is a breathtaking experience.

Culture of Bhutan

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