Singapore – the garden city

Singapore is a unique island country that is despite being densely populated, has 50 percent of its area covered with plush natural reserves, parks, and gardens making it the Garden City, Singapore is often called a microcosmic Asia due to its extensively diverse population that live together symbiotically. The city has been popular throughout the globe as the Switzerland of Asia, that serves you an iconic cuisine and commendable recreational services.

Singapore offers you commercial destinations like theme parks, organizes world class sporting events such as the Formula ONE Singapore Grand Prix. You can enjoy the bustling nightlife in exclusive beach foam parties and hop through the city admiring its meticulous architecture and museums. When you want a break from the crowd, an isolated island is never far away.

Singapore is well connected to India via the Changi Airport of Singapore that is regularly visited by airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, Air India Express, and more.

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Culture of Singapore

The mini-Asia is inhabited by the Chinese, Indians, Malays, Muslims, Eurasians, Japanese & Burmese. 75% of the population is Chinese, making Mandarin the most widely spoken language in Singapore. Here, a myriad of festivals like the Chinese New Year, Deepawali, Hari Raya Pusa are celebrated. Singapore is known to host sophisticated art exhibitions and writers festival that promotes the contemporary literary scene. They also are hugely inclined towards music and host high-end music festivals like Neon Lights, St.Jerome's Laneway Festival & Ultra Music Festival.

Culture of Singapore

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