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There is a reason why Thailand experiences massive influx of visitors at a promisingly steady rate. The entire region has successfully emerged as a perfect getaway destination that easily lands as everyone’s preference, irrespective of their interests. With a 5,000 mile long coastline, Thailand gives you serene beaches, and floating markets that are unique to this place. Men in shadowing bamboo hats ferry towards you with boatloads of exotic edibles, as you try to grab on to some of the local produce.

Your trip to Thailand will be incomplete without touring through the UNESCO World Heritages of Thailand that are stellar displays of oriental architecture. But as history offers you plenty, the buzzing markets of Thailand bring you back to the present. With exotic offerings of handicrafts, woolens, silverwares, pottery, fresh & preserved edibles, the markets never seem to run out of visitors. And if you’re tired, pick an island & spend a lazy evening in serene bliss beneath the Thai skyline. Your trip is waiting.

Bangkok & Phuket have international airports that provide inter-continental flights. International airports located in Hat Yai, Krabi, Ko Samui & Chiang Mai arrange international flights mainly to the South East.

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Culture of Thailand

95% of the Thai population practices Theravada Buddhism. Approximately seventy-five distinct ethnic groups inhabit this province, with Central Tai being the dominant one, accounting for 36% of the total population. A unique feature of the Thai culture is generally, the youngest sibling is expected to look after the parents upon old age & s/he is the one who inherits the parents’ property. Thai people tend to live in nuclear families & the married couples are expected to move out and live on their own as soon as possible. Touching a person’s head in Thailand is not encouraged as the head is considered to be the highest part of the body and commands respect. Various Buddhism related festivals are celebrated throughout the domain in accordance with the Buddhist religious calendar.

Culture of Thailand

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