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Bhutan Tour Packages from Siliguri

Out of many travel packages, Bhutan tour package from Siliguri is still one of the most indulging deals that excite tourists. Bhutan is worthy of all the fuss and highlight that it receives from globe trotters. It is really hard to imagine how the country which was once closed to tourists has now become of the most inviting tourist destinations of the world. It is on everybody’s checklist and the number of footfalls every year is increasing rapidly. So if it is also on your wish list, we could help you tick out Bhutan, in the best way possible.

Siliguri is also the highway or entry to North Bengal and also has many people arrive here before they head to the magical city of Bhutan. Our Bhutan tour package from Siliguri is one of the most popular and best deals which you cannot afford to miss. We not only add quality experience to your travel but also plan on providing you the most exotic experience, to remember. We believe that sightseeing is a very small reason to travel and your experience must have everything within it like Culture, food, festivals and all the necessary things which help you create golden memories.


Our Bhutan tour package from Siliguri consists of all the convenience which you must be provided with. We make provisions for rentals, hotels, homestays and any personalized experiences that you would like us to deliver. We keep it ready and running so that your travel is not affected by any of these following thing because a good experience needs everything around it to go right. So don’t spend much time on thinking and plan some of the best time of your life with Travo Connections, your friend for good times.