An Unforgettable Experience in Darjeeling During Winter

An Unforgettable Experience in Darjeeling During Winter


Darjeeling is one of the most popular hills stations of India and was earlier winter capital during the British rule. This denotes that this destination is favorable and looks amazing during winter. Though Sikkim becomes one of the hot spots in India for travel enthusiast there is something different about Darjeeling and its offerings.


You can explore so many things in this hill station which is located in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas and known for its colonial architectures, landscapes, quality accommodation, luxurious restaurants, chilling weather, humble people, and breathtaking view of mighty Kanchenjunga. Visiting Darjeeling during winter is the best choice because it might give you the chance of witnessing the snow falls along with many other offerings.

How to reach Darjeeling?

Darjeeling tour

Reach the nearest city, Siliguri by train (New Jalpaiguri Station) or flight (Bagdogra airport). Once you reach Siliguri, you can find a variety of options to reach Darjeeling either by enjoying the heritage toy train ride or by renting or sharing a car. Government bus service is also available to the hill station which takes almost two and a half hours to reach Darjeeling. During winters the road condition will remain good enough and it takes less time to cover the distance of 64 km.

How to Experience Darjeeling during winter?

Be a part of their festivals


Festivals add fun and excitement in your life and when you are planning a trip towards Darjeeling you must attend their festivals to experience something special. The Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival and the Darjeeling Orange Festival are two major festivals celebrated in the hill station. You can witness the change in the landscapes of Darjeeling which transforms into multi-colour and that catches the eyes of travelers who went there for expeditions. On the other hand, the Orange festival is the festival where more than 50 villages participated to show the orange production of the region. 

Witness the mesmerizing view of Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill

Winter is the best time to witness the view of Tiger Hill as the sky remains clear and brings out the best view. You need to wake up around 3:30 AM and get ready to reach the place before 6 AM. The enchanting view of sunrise will make you feel amazed because it adds more life into the ambiance and gives you valid reasons for clicking some memorable photographs. Look into the back where the reflection of sunlight transforms the Kanchenjunga into a golden mountain. The best time to visit Tiger Hill starts from mid-November to December, though you might enjoy the snowfall during mid-January and February.

Spare time for sightseeing experiences

Zoological Park

Sleep, eat, relaxed, and explore when you are enjoying your winter trip in the Queen of hills. Try to spare more time in an expedition towards the popular tourist places like Batasia Loop for the best view of Kanchenjunga and war memorial, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park for witnessing the endangered Himalayan wolf and Snow Leopard. Visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute to gather knowledge about mountaineering and trekking. Enjoy a walk towards Rock Garden to feel romance in the air, and don't forget to taste the flavor of Darjeeling Tea by visiting Happy Valley Tea Estate. Exploring Darjeeling during winter is the best thing one can experience in their entire lifetime.

Enjoy Local Cuisines in popular restaurants


If you are in Darjeeling, you must visit some of the top restaurants out there to enjoy some of the delicious Nepali and northeastern cuisines. Momo, Thukpa along a mix of Tibetan and North Indian food are served in those restaurants by maintaining the quality and warm hospitality. Visiting those restaurants will make you feel amazed as you find the colonial architecture and beautiful wooden structures. Antique interior design and a variety of options will give you the chance of experiencing the difference in a true manner. More than 25 Bollywood films are framed in Darjeeling and few of them featured the restaurants in Darjeeling on the silver screen.

Enjoy Winter Evening on Chowrasta


Chowrasta means a place where four roads meet and this place is considered to be popular in this Victorian-era hill station where people like to enjoy their evening time by walking, sitting, gossiping, and shopping all around the beautiful corner of the town. Chowrasta is located in the heart of the town and attracts tourists with its amazing ambiance and feel. You will find the golden idol of the famous Nepali poet, Bhanubhakta Acharya in the centre and a decorated stage on the backdrop where cultural activities take place. You can also enjoy shopping by entering the Bhutia market just besides Chowrasta to make your Darjeeling memorable.

Darjeeling is known for its chilling weather and mesmerizing landscapes. So, visiting Darjeeling during winter is the best thing you can do to make your vacation unforgettable with the above-mentioned experiences.

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