7 Little Changes that will Make a Big Difference with Your Bhutan Tour Package

7 Little Changes that will Make a Big Difference with Your Bhutan Tour Package


Bhutan welcomes so many travelers throughout the year by offering some of the spectacular views and breathtaking mountains. If you are ready to finalize your Bhutan trip then you must go through this blog to make it more exciting and worthy. Bhutan tour package provides you all the necessary amenities but in the end, it is all about your willingness and mindset that makes the tour deserving in a complete manner. Some of the little changes can welcome so many things that finally turn your tour into enchanting one. So, here we come up with the changes that need to be implemented before starting your tour to Bhutan.

Little Changes that'll Make a Big Difference with Your Bhutan Tour Package

Be Acceptable

Bhutan is a unique country that holds a strong connection between modern amenities and age-old tradition. You will find people who are very much dedicated to their tradition and culture instead of following the western culture. You need to come up with an open mind and be acceptable with their practices instead of complaining about the small things. Try to adjust to their culture and learn the way they lead their life. Don’t be judgmental about the things and try to focus on the interesting facts.

Experience Something New

The main intention behind every traveler is to explore new things. Be a traveler and do crazy things which will spark the traveler inside you. Be a part of their festival and enjoy every moment at the fullest. Wear a traditional dress, eat local cuisines and meet new people to know more about the country where nature is worshiped by maintaining peace. By experiencing the new things and spreading your boundaries you can make your tour more interesting and desirable.

Engage and Interact with Local People

It doesn't matter how much you studied about the place over the internet, some of the unknown facts can be gathered by meeting local people. Try to make new friends and explore their life which will give you so many reasons to love this country that is considered as the first carbon negative country in the world. Interacting with people will help you to discover unexplored places which are not even included in the Bhutan tour package so that you can gain more knowledge.

Choose a Homestay

There are so many options available in Bhutan that gives you innovative and modern amenities to feel the pleasure of traveling but choosing a homestay is a great choice. Most importantly you will find a homely ambiance and secondly, you will discover new things to prove your potentiality. The homestay owner might give you cooking lessons or guide you I making the tour a lot more deserving instead of meeting any challenges. Unlimited fun and too much engagement will create a difference in your stay while you are in Bhutan. 

Live the Present Passionately

Don’t stick to the past and don’t be worried about the future because life is all about living in the present. You need to be cheerful and happy about exploring the country that offers so many things altogether. Do adventure by enjoying rafting or trekking, visit Tiger's Nest Monastery, learn the techniques of archery, witness wildlife and make your senses work to discover something special about the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon. To get satisfied with your tour you need to be excited about living the present.

Obey the Rules

Bhutan is called as the last Shangri La which means it is the place where everything is pleasant and rightly managed. People of Bhutan are so happy with their nation and the king focuses on Gross National Happiness rather than GDP. As a tourist must obey the rules set by the Royal Government of Bhutan. For example, tobacco is fully banned in Bhutan, though tourist can carry 200 cigarettes with them. But before lighting up your cigarette, kindly ask your guide whether the place is right or not.

Learn Some Dzongkha

Most of the people in Bhutan understand English and even Hindi but the official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha. Bhutanese are very much obsessed with their culture and tradition so learning Dzongkha is good for communicating with the local shopkeepers to get some discounts. If you are not interested in getting any discount then learn some of the words to make them feel happy which gives you several other benefits. You may learn a few words like ‘kuzuzungola’ means hello, “layshom ye?’ means are you well? And ‘kadinchey’ means thank you.

Traveling to Bhutan will become more fascinating and memorable by adopting these small changes which will bring a big difference in your Bhutan tour package genuinely. Bhutan is known for making their guests comfortable and happy by the warm hospitality but adopting these changes will make them feel respectful during your stay in the country.

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